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The Burning Man Wristband Series


I, Robot
- 500pcs -


Radical Ritual
- 350 pcs -


Da Vinci's Workshop
- 350 pcs -


Carnival of Mirrors
- 350 pcs -


- 200 pcs -


Cargo Cult
- 300 pcs -


Rites of Passage
- 200 pcs - 

About this project

When I came to Burning Man for the first time in 2010 it changed my life. I found a place that I never dreamed possible: Strangers welcomed me like a beloved friend, I was served delicious food in the middle of nowhere, walked what seemed like a surrealist painters pipedream and danced with new friends into a glorious sunrise. When I flew home my eyes were teary. I realized that I had found what I had been searching for for so long: to know where your place is in the world. When I think of the saying “love doesn’t get old” I smile to myself and I know it is true. I am deeply in love with Burning Man. Ever since.  

But one thing surprised me. You don’t get a wristband for Burning Man! 

I like wristbands. For me they are much more than just simple festival swag. I collect them and usually I wear them until I return to the event next year. So when I thought about what I could contribute to Burning Man to make it more beautiful I came up with the idea to create wristbands and give them to my fellow burners as a gift.  

It became my way of expressing my thoughts and my love for the event. Some people might say that wristbands are no art but I think otherwise. It is a canvas and although of very limited size this medium holds a lot of power. Wristbands are worn for days, months and sometimes even for years. Which other art form is so present in a person's daily life?

For a lot of people their wristband becomes a treasured personal item that connects them with the memory of a beautiful moment in their life. Also, it holds the power to spark new connections. When people recognize they are wearing the same wristband it gives them a reason to talk to each other and share their personal experience. I feel this is the most valuable thing at all.

So, please, have a look around and be inspired. Leave a note or send me a picture from your wristband and tell me your story.  

After all, I do this for you. Because I love adding beauty to your experience.  

If you want to know more about my project, meet me on Playa or get updates on the new wristband edition for 2019 please i can drop you an e-mail.

About me

I am Severin Taranko, a passionate Burner from Dresden, Germany. If you would like to get involved in the Wristband Series project please contact me.